Dear Church Family and Friends, Covid-19 is quite literally hitting home for many of us at this point. In a world that has even politicized a pandemic, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope can seem like a pipe dream – something not based in reality. So, […]


Hi, Beloved. As the novelty of Zoom meetings and having church services online starts to wane, it’s important to remind ourselves of why we’re doing this. Church is so much more than a place. It’s so much more than the services on Sabbath. Church is a community of people saved by grace. It’s not a museum for […]

For Such A Time As This Coincidence

Hi Church Friends and Family, Shelter-in-place. Three simple words can change an entire lifestyle, can’t they? There are benefits, of course. But the disruption in our lives cannot be ignored. It’s a different time and finding some sense of normalcy is something that we’re fighting for. God is good. God is love. Our life is […]

For Such A Time As This

What a whirlwind. Each day feels like we’re hearing months and months worth of news. Our lives are altered, and there are loved ones we are worried about. Yet. God. Is. Still. On. The. Throne. I have been dwelling on the youth and young adult theme for this year of, “What Does Love Look Like?” […]