Dear Extended Richardson Church Family and Friends,

This Sabbath is a high Sabbath for this congregation and everyone who has been connected with it over the years.  Just imagine what if, over 60 years ago, no one at the Dallas First Adventist Church had the vision or courage to think about starting a new church?  What if all they had wanted to do was keep all the members and talent and resources within their own walls?  What if they did not have the spirit to say, “We need to expand the footprint of God’s kingdom, so let’s go north to another community and start a new church in Richardson”?

If they had not done all those things, so much that now is would not even exist.  The Richardson Adventist Church would not exist.  North Dallas Adventist Academy would not exist.  Over a dozen other congregations in the North Dallas area would not exist.  So much that is now bringing glory to God would not be here without the vision that officially launched the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church on April 28, 1962.

First, we should be thankful to all those people who loved the Lord enough and had a strong enough missionary spirit to leave their comfort zone, step away from what they were familiar with and where they felt safe, and be part of launching this church that we are now a part and which we love and are blessed by.

Second, we should celebrate God’s leading over the past six decades through good times and tough times, through times of great success and also times of great challenge.  We want to give God glory for all the people who’ve come to know Jesus as Savior through the ministry of this congregation.  We want to give Him glory for all the new congregations that have come to life out of Richardson.  We want to give Him glory for the Adventist school that exists because of Richardson.

Last, while we celebrate what God has done through Richardson in the past, let us not forget we are not in heaven yet.  Jesus has not come yet.  There is an important future that Richardson is uniquely poised to serve, so let us not simply rest on the accomplishments of the past, but also let us rise to the challenge of the future and determine to continue being a center of growth and blessing to advance God’s kingdom in the North Dallas area and beyond.

“Thus far the Lord has helped us.”  To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Blessings – Pastor Byron