I want to take a few lines here to just encourage each one of you. There’s no question we are going through a world change that is far-reaching, difficult, and stressful. Many of you may be afraid for your health or that of a loved one. Many of you may have lost jobs or are wondering when it will be your turn.  Some of you have perhaps even suffered with the COVID-19 illness. World leaders have never really faced anything like this before and are not always sure about the best way to deal with the challenge to each of their countries. There is conflicting information about the pandemic, and there are conflicting views about how best to go forward.

That all adds up to a lot of uncertainty for a lot of people. But what I want to say is this: Our God whom we serve was not caught by surprise by the COVID-19 pandemic. He saw all this coming, and He has a plan through it all – not just a plan for our world, but a plan for you personally. I know that because Jesus said God sees even the sparrow fall, and if He does that since we are so much more valuable to Him than a sparrow, how much more will He care for each one of us tenderly and personally?

God is in control of world events. Daniel tells us in chapter two that He sets up kings and takes down kings and knows what is in the darkness. So be of good courage. All these things are moving us irreversibly toward the coming of Jesus, which is what we all want anyway, isn’t it? God has promised in Psalm 91 that “no plague will come hear your dwelling.” So dear ones, claim God’s promises. Put your full faith and confidence in God, because He will not let you down.

In one of my favorite passages about His second coming in John 14, Jesus says, “Let not your heart be troubled.” So I say to you-do not let your heart be troubled. God loves you. God is with you, and God will bring us through this together more than conquerors.

Welcome to Richardson!