We’re starting a series of messages entitled “Stewardship-Finding the Balance Between Lazy and Crazy” which I’m really excited about.  I’m excited about it because this series is going to be a game-changer for many of us. It’s going to help us take a big step toward the freedom Jesus came to give believers.

You see, there are many kinds of slavery, but financial slavery is one of the worst kinds of all. It destroys your self-confidence.  It keeps you under stress all the time.  It causes you to lose sleep.  It makes you irritable and causes you to be impatient and to fight with your spouse. It causes you to be afraid to answer the phone. It loads you with guilt because you’re not meeting your obligations. The list goes on and on.  It’s bondage of the worst kind, and we were not born to live that way. We were born for freedom.

Another thing that breaks my heart is to think of the billions of dollars spent out in the world on the devil’s kingdom-on building million-dollar homes we don’t really need, on buying status symbol vehicles, on buying expensive boats or home furnishing or clothes or jewelry that serve no purpose other than to satisfy self.  I think about all the good that money could do in God’s kingdom.

I’m saddened because I realize even God’s people tie money up in a lot of those things or they’re in debt bondage and are barely staying afloat and have nothing to give to God’s work.  This series can change all that for every one of us and set us free.  That’s why I’m excited!