What a whirlwind. Each day feels like we’re hearing months and months worth of news. Our lives are altered, and there are loved ones we are worried about. Yet. God. Is. Still. On. The. Throne. I have been dwelling on the youth and young adult theme for this year of, “What Does Love Look Like?” And I can’t help but acknowledge God’s hand in all of this. Prior to any world-shaking, we were asking this question, but it feels even more pertinent in the environment we find ourselves in.

In a world of self-isolation and self-quarantine, what in the world does love look like? Many other questions arise in this process too, like:
What is church?
What will happen next?
Is this the end of the world?

I’m afraid, does that mean I don’t have enough faith? These are questions worth asking, so as we have our inaugural online worship service, we plan to host a discussion panel to dive into these relevant questions from a Biblically informed worldview.

As God says in Psalm 91:15, God is with us in the midst of the trouble. In the midst. That means that the One who made all things is the One who is with us even now.

Fear’s biggest lie is that you have no choice but to simply be afraid. Friends, I reject that lie. And I recommend that you do too. From a place of fear, I challenge you to choose to believe that God’s love is with you and that He is enough.

This is the church’s time to shine. We are changing our methods, yes. But our mission remains the same. God is good and we want everyone to know it!

So let’s make the harder choice and choose love. Let’s choose the God who can calm nature itself with only His voice.

Let’s choose the God who formed humanity out of dust. Let’s choose the God who intentionally gave His own life so that we can have the choice of being with Him forever.

Let’s choose God – even if it’s like Peter did. “You do not want to leave too, do you?”

Jesus asked the Twelve. Simon Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”Hear these words. Read them out loud. It’s going to be ok.

You know the end of the story. God wins, and as a result, so do you. Hold on.

Because God is good.

With love,
Pastor Jonny