I'm a Visitor​

Our congregation is part of God’s final movement on earth. We aren’t perfect, but we want to have a total commitment to Jesus and the mission He has given us. We want to invite everyone to our church in Richardson, TX to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, embrace all Bible truth and join a vibrant Adventist group. Come join us and see the changed lives and be one of the changed lives!

Meeting Times

We meet at the church building on:

Saturday Sabbath School: 10:15 AM
Wednesday Prayer Meeting: 7:00 PM
Saturday Worship Service: 9:00 AM & 11:25 AM

Throughout the week for fellowship, prayer, service, and training. We also meet in homes and workplaces throughout the DFW metro area. As we prepare for Jesus’ return together He gives us stronger minds, bodies, families, and children as well as hope and joy. We also meet in homes and workplaces throughout the DFW metro area.

What To Wear

Come as you are

Although some members opt to dress in business casual or nicer to show respect for Sabbath worship, we believe that coming with a willing attitude and an open heart is most important. No matter what you’re wearing, know that you are welcome here. We hope to see you soon!

Worship Service

Open to all

Each Sabbath has a congregation of about 1000 people from various age groups and backgrounds. Our service consists of singing, Bible study, and prayer so that you can connect with God in different ways.

When you enter the church, a greeter will hand you a weekly worship bulletin. If you need help finding a seat, don’t hesitate to ask one of the deacons. A few minutes into the service, everyone will be encouraged to greet those around them; however, no one will put you on the spot as our visitor.

We understand that not everyone can give, and that’s perfectly fine. So please don’t feel any pressure to put money on the offering plate when it comes down your row.

The lyrics to the songs we sing during our service are projected on a screen in the sanctuary where worship takes place.

Children and Youth

We meet at the church building on:

Worship at our church is not just for adults–it’s for kids and young people, too. Each main service has a children’s story, and we offer Sabbath School classes that are tailored specifically for kids, teenagers, and young adults. Our services in the church hall are especially relaxed and interactive so that children can learn about God in a fun environment.

If you have a newborn or child up to age 4, we would love for them to join our Cradle Roll class! Parents are encouraged participate and help their little ones learn more about Jesus. If your goal is for your children acquire a greater understanding of Jesus’ love for us, then enrolling them in our Children’s Ministry and Youth programmes is the perfect solution!


Stay & eat

After our second service, we offer lunch for all of our guests. This is a great opportunity to get to know some of the members of our church family and have any questions you may have answered in a more relaxed setting.

After You Visit

  1. We would love to see you again in the near future! You can find out about upcoming events and activities on our website, or join us for our regular Sabbath programs.
  2. To grow in your understanding of God, keep reading the Bible and utilizing available resources.
  3. Whenever you get a chance, talk to God. He loves you and would like to have a close relationship with you, so let Him into your life.