I Prefer

Dear Church Family, Join us as we go to the book of James chapter two, where it will talk to us about favoritism. What is favoritism, it’s when we prefer someone over another. The sad part is that we find favoritism even in the church of James. Come and listen to how we can learn practical steps to avoid favoritism and promote inclusion […]

The Outcast, The Expert, and The Storyteller

The Outcast, the expert and the storyteller

Hi Church Family, There’s no way around it. Every single place we look, there’s brokenness. Broken faith, broken promises, broken people. Maybe we’re tired of seeing them, or maybe we are them. This Sabbath, we hope to intentionally highlight the fact that our brokenness doesn’t have any bearing on God’s power in our life. “Jesus […]

Don’t Quit

Dear Church Family, God, through the power of His Spirit has called all of us to ministry. Not only are we invited to be sons and daughters of God, but we all have a responsibility to help each other walk this walk of faith. This is a selfless work that every Christian is called to. And like so many other responsibilities, it can […]

From a Distance

from a distance

Dear Church Family, Jesus, the famous storyteller tells us of a parable of two worshipers who come to the temple to pray. From a distance each character prays but what is the difference in each of their prayers? Come and listen to find out how that’s timeless principles can help us in our prayer life. SPEAKER: Pastor Carlos Pasillas

Wake Up To the Spirit

Dear Church Family, Is a natural disaster an act of God? When famines come or pandemics arrive is it by chance or is there some design behind it? And is that design perhaps of Divine origin? Well, the book of Joel answers this question in clear distinct tones and he doesn’t hold anything back. But what does all this have to do with the Holy […]

The Priority of the Spirit

Dear Church Family, Ever since the beginning of the year we have been focusing on the presence, power, and the purpose of the Holy Spirit. God has been good to us! This weekend I would like to point out something very special about the third person of the Godhead concerning His work in our lives. While the Spirit has many jobs to do on our behalf, I believe there is one primary goal that He […]

The Baptism of the Spirit

Baptism of the Spirit

Dear Church Family, There is a lot of confusion in Christian circles today about the Holy Spirit. It is real, or is it an impersonal force or influence? it is a force that makes you laugh and dance around like a strange person? Just who or what is the Holy Spirit? What is its purpose and meaning? And is it really […]

A Washing at the Table

Dear Church Family, Have you ever had a true desire to experience something incredibly significant in your life? Something that you were just itching to do or take part in that seemed like it was taking forever to happen? Have you ever longed to do something special with friends or family that you thought maybe wouldn’t happen, but then it did? […]

Community Service Sabbath

community service sabbath

Dear Church Family, Prince of Peace! The Christmas holiday is a time where we celebrate the blessing of our Lord entering into our world. It is a time of joy and compassion for others. In these moments we honor the precious gift that God provided for us in Jesus the Christ. He came to bring peace to our confused and broken world. This weekend we will […]

Power to Thrive

Power to Thrive

Dear Church Family, As 2023 approaches, what are you going to do different this next year to get different outcomes from what you experienced in 2022? How different would 2023 look and feel to you if you could elevate your everyday living by unlocking your God given power so you can rise above mediocrity? God has given us […]