GOAT Negative Meaning or Not?

goat negative meaning

What does GOAT mean? 

It probably has a negative meaning for you if you are from an older generation.  What does G.O.A.T. mean to you? G.O.A.T used to mean you were the failure, you were the problem, you were the one who was picked on and blamed.  Does G.O.A.T mean a bad thing now? 

No, not now! However, back then, you did not want to be the goat.  So what does G.O.A.T mean nowadays? If you’re from a younger generation, you want to be the G.O.A.T.  That’s because it now means “greatest of all time.”  Furthermore, it means that whatever your field, you are the greatest person in that field who has ever lived.

Moreover, here’s the great thing—in this sermon series, both meanings for the word G.O.A.T. are in play.  You see, in our stories, you and I are the goat—we’re the failures, the ones who’ve made bad choices and have messed things up.  Therefore, does G.O.A.T mean anything to you now that you understand what G.O.A.T. means? Do not be discouraged. Jesus wants to become part of our stories, and He is “the greatest of all time,” and He can change your story radically.