Hope Bringer

Dear Church Family,

For the last 30 years, I have visited many cemeteries to officiate gravesite funerals for countless people.  When I walk down the road toward the gravesite, I am drawn to read the dates engraved on the tombstones around me and quickly try to calculate how many years that person lived. What I find a little unfair is that regardless of how many years that person lived, the summary of that person’s life is reduced to just a dash. Yes, what separates the date of birth from the date of death is just a dash.

One day our lives will also be reduced to just a dash, and it is up to us if that dash will have a GREAT meaning to the world that is left behind.

Join me this coming Sabbath as we explore a practical way to make sure that the dash that will summarize our lives gets to mean something GREAT after we are gone.

Ruber J. Leal
Associate Pastor