Human Fickleness & God’s Faithfulness

veteran's day Richardson sda church

Dear Church Family,

Veterans’ Day is this week, and I’m looking forward to being with you again this Sabbath. It’s a day each year veterans get treated to free meals, or at least dessert, at many restaurants. We hear “thank you for your service” at every turn.

And yet it is a day veterans also remember the countless broken promises made to us. We get lured into joining the military with sales pitches of how great our life will be during and after the service–and then we often have to fight to hold on to what we were promised.

This human fickleness stands in contrast to God’s faithfulness. His promises are sure, and can be relied upon, for ourselves and for our loved ones. We can sing joyfully, “Standing on the Promises,” knowing that he is always there, and will never fail us.

SERMON: Human Fickleness and God’s Faithfulness (Romans 8:31-39)

GUEST SPEAKER: Chaplain William Cork, (Ret. Major, U.S. Army)