Is your life built on a good foundation?

Today we rarely see and think about even less. It is not glamorous or exciting but absolutely essential. Jesus’ story is about something that literally determines the success or failure of your life. What is it about? It’s about foundations. Is your life built on good foundation?

What are you building the house of your dreams on?
Last week we learned about “Game Changers—The G.O.A.T. In Your Story.” In a previous sermon, we looked at the stories Jesus told and how they connect with our stories today. Thee definition of game changer is a person or idea that causes a radical shift in the manner of thinking about doing something. Jesus was a game changer in His day.

Nevertheless, make no mistake, Jesus is still a game changer today! His stories radically shifted the way people viewed religion and thought about things. In fact, the shock waves from Jesus’ stories are still echoing now 2,000 years later!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Construction for the The Leaning Tower of Pisa began in 1173. However, construction then came to a stop only to start a couple times more before it was completed in 1372. It leans because it was built on soft, sandy ground, and although it’s 185’ tall, its foundation is only 10’ deep! During the first phase of construction it leaned north. Then wars stopped construction. In 1275, construction resumed. Furthermore, three levels leaning south were added in an attempt to correct it. However, that along with the bell tower which was completed in 1372 overcorrected it so it now leans south.

Consequently, the tower continued leaning every year after that until the Italian government closed it in 1990 due to safety reasons. It was closed for the next 11 years. Finally, with the ultimate goal of reopening the tower for tourism, the government spent $47 million trying to correct the lean so it wouldn’t topple over.

Not built on a good foundation

So what caused all of this? A bad foundation. The Leaning Tower of Persia was not built on good foundation. Shallow foundations support small structures. Deep foundations support magnificent ones. If you want an insignificant life, a shallow foundation is fine; but if you want a significant one, you need a deep foundation. So what kind of a life do you want—a shallow one or a significant one? Your life and its influence will be determined by the strength of your foundation. Is your life built on good foundation?