It Is God

It is God

Dear Church Family,

“Knowledge is power,” said Sir Francis Bacon. Education is a very important part of our society. More and more people are choosing to get their advanced degrees. But people don’t get degrees to lord over people. They get degrees to increase their abilities and authority in any given subject.

I am working on my Doctor of Ministry, hoping one day to complete my degree not just because I need to increase my skillset but also to get my kids to stop hounding me about the fact that my wife has a Doctorate while I “only” have a Master’s degree.

Yet no matter the title you may have behind your name, there is always someone who knows more than you or more about something else than you. Yet, Jesus, who had little to no official education, has the grandest title of all. Come this Sabbath and find out what this title is all about.

See you there,
Pastor Sven