Mind and Body Connection

mind and body connection

Dear Church Family,

What is the mind and body connection? This is the belief that our attitudes, thoughts, and feelings can actually have an impact on our physical well-being and health. This connection also works the other way in that how we treat our body, and our physical attributes can influence our mental health. It is the idea that one affects the other, either positively or negatively, and that sometimes physical illness or symptoms can be the outcome of psychological and social factors.

This Sabbath is a mental health awareness day, and our guest speaker will be Pastor Carlos Turcios, who is a Board-Certified Belief Therapist from the Therapon Institute. Pastor Turcios will explore the relationship that exists between the mind and the body. Research continues to affirm that the relationship between mind and body is more intimate than we usually recognize. Ellen White since the 1800s writes about this relationship by saying: “When one (mind) is affected, the other sympathizes (body). The condition of the mind affects the health of the physical system.”—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 13, 1890.

Join us this Sabbath in mind and body as we worship together and experience God’s transforming power.

MESSAGE: Carlos Turcios