A Washing at the Table

Dear Church Family, Have you ever had a true desire to experience something incredibly significant in your life? Something that you were just itching to do or take part in that seemed like it was taking forever to happen? Have you ever longed to do something special with friends or family that you thought maybe wouldn’t happen, but then it did? […]

Community Service Sabbath

community service sabbath

Dear Church Family, Prince of Peace! The Christmas holiday is a time where we celebrate the blessing of our Lord entering into our world. It is a time of joy and compassion for others. In these moments we honor the precious gift that God provided for us in Jesus the Christ. He came to bring peace to our confused and broken world. This weekend we will […]

Power to Thrive

Power to Thrive

Dear Church Family, As 2023 approaches, what are you going to do different this next year to get different outcomes from what you experienced in 2022? How different would 2023 look and feel to you if you could elevate your everyday living by unlocking your God given power so you can rise above mediocrity? God has given us […]

The Perfect Gift For a King

The perfect gift for a king

Dear Church Family, What was the gift that Mary and Joseph gave to baby Jesus? We see Nativity scenes everywhere but what gift did Mary give Jesus? Consider giving the best gift this Christmas, how about we give Jesus a life dedicated to knowing him and telling others about Him? MESSAGE: Pastor Carlos Pasillas

Love Was Born a King

Christmas Cantata

Dear Church Family, This weekend the Richardson SDA Church will present to you our joyous Christmas Cantata. With a combined choir of almost 60 voices, we will explore through the medium of song, the incredible miracle of the child who was Born a King.  Under the careful direction of Elphis Stirewalt the music and songs will inspire you to express your deepest praise and most vibrant thanks to the God […]

Be Thankful

Dear Church Family, What a blessing it is to be a Christian. I’m so glad that I’ve been blessed to grow up in the church. I have many friendships and connections built over the years due to my interaction in and with God’s family. However, in my experience as a minister over the years it seems that there’s something in our church that‘s often […]

Human Fickleness & God’s Faithfulness

veteran's day Richardson sda church

Dear Church Family, Veterans’ Day is this week, and I’m looking forward to being with you again this Sabbath. It’s a day each year veterans get treated to free meals, or at least dessert, at many restaurants. We hear “thank you for your service” at every turn. And yet it is a day veterans also […]

It Is God

It is God

Dear Church Family, “Knowledge is power,” said Sir Francis Bacon. Education is a very important part of our society. More and more people are choosing to get their advanced degrees. But people don’t get degrees to lord over people. They get degrees to increase their abilities and authority in any given subject. I am working […]

GOAT Negative Meaning or Not?

goat negative meaning

What does GOAT mean?  It probably has a negative meaning for you if you are from an older generation.  What does G.O.A.T. mean to you? G.O.A.T used to mean you were the failure, you were the problem, you were the one who was picked on and blamed.  Does G.O.A.T mean a bad thing now?  No, not […]

Whatever Happened To Death?


Good day friends! It’s late October 2022. And during this time of year, we are constantly bombarded with the remnants of a lie told long ago. A particularly dark holiday is popularized among our children and families as something normal and in need of celebration. This holiday has shaped the minds and hearts of people […]