Power to Thrive

Power to Thrive

Dear Church Family,

As 2023 approaches, what are you going to do different this next year to get different outcomes from what you experienced in 2022? How different would 2023 look and feel to you if you could elevate your everyday living by unlocking your God given power so you can rise above mediocrity?

God has given us in His Word one of the most powerful scriptures in the Bible on how to live a Power to Thrive life. This scripture has four main points to it. Each component has an aspect that when applied to your life gives you the power to walk out and live God’s plan, God’s love, and God’s Word in you and through you to others.  Surprisingly, this scripture in the Bible is not often spoken of or preached on, but has tremendous power to radically change a person’s life when embraced and lived out.

This Sabbath come join us, bring your friends, invite your neighbors, as we open up God’s Word to light our way as we begin a new year in a few short weeks. This sermon, and the invitation at the end of it, could radically change the outcomes for your life in 2023. This is one Sabbath you don’t want to miss!

MESSAGE: by Rich Cavaness