The Baptism of the Spirit

Baptism of the Spirit

Dear Church Family,

There is a lot of confusion in Christian circles today about the Holy Spirit. It is real, or is it an impersonal force or influence? it is a force that makes you laugh and dance around like a strange person? Just who or what is the Holy Spirit? What is its purpose and meaning? And is it really necessary for our salvation? These questions along with many others will be answered in our New preaching series on the Third Person of the Godhead. Also, a lot of Christians don’t realize that there are actually two types of baptisms in the Bible. We will explore that truth as well in this series.

We also want to let you know that we will be providing a daily devotional from our website on the Holy Spirit to read through starting this Sunday to Friday weekly in the month of January (a break for Sabbath). Along with this written devotional Pastor Hayes will be leading out in a Holy Spirit prayer session every Sunday through Friday at 9:00am LIVE on our Richardson SDA Facebook page. In these prayer sessions we will briefly go over the daily devotional and pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading and guidance in 2023.  Please join us daily if you can.

I’d like you to do me a favor. During this time of implementing the Daniel fast, and our focusing on the Power and Person of the Holy Spirit, I’d like you to write down 3 people that you desire to have God use you to bring to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Think about and pray everyday for these 3 individuals that you truly want to help bring into a relationship with God in 2023. And then ask God how He would like you to best reach out to them this year. Doing this will keep us focused on our mission to tell others about our savior and allow God to provide us with the Holy Spirit to empower our witness for him. I believe that God will answer our prayers!

May the Lord be with you and may we see a grand move of God in 2023. See you this Sabbath!

Pastor Hayes

MESSAGE: Pastor Michael Hayes