The Worst Crime

RSDAC communion

Dear Church Family,

Communion is a reminder of what took place two thousand years ago. Communion is a representation of the life and death of Jesus. His body represents the bread and His blood represents the grape juice. However, as Christians often times communion can become a routine done at church. It becomes just another box we need to check.

Can I ask you if you come, don’t just see it rather experience it. Experience what it must of felt like seeing Jesus hang on the cross. Experience what it must felt like eat the bread he had just miraculously made from a young boy’s lunch. Let Jesus’ life and death move you in such a way that communion is not just an event rather it become an experience.

Beside Jesus on the cross were two thieves one on his left and one on his right. Each of them witnessed the trial, each of them witness the jeers and humiliation, each of them were crucified beside him. However, only one was convicted of his wrong and one another remained in his bitterness. Come and hear the power of the cross and come experience for yourself the life and death of Jesus through our communion service.

MESSAGE: Pastor Carlos Pasillas