Whatever Happened To Death?


Good day friends! It’s late October 2022.

And during this time of year, we are constantly bombarded with the remnants of a lie told long ago. A particularly dark holiday is popularized among our children and families as something normal and in need of celebration. This holiday has shaped the minds and hearts of people through movies, videos, music, costumes, and even nighttime strolls for treats from our neighbors. It’s called Hallows Eve or Halloween, and it extorts millions of dollars from our pocketbooks and wallets each year in its honor. But again, it’s all been built upon a lie that still permeates the minds of the uninitiated.

This week we are going to expose this lie with the truth from God’s word. My prayer is that, as Jesus says, “the truth shall set us free.” Join me this Sabbath as we explore what the word of God reveals to us about death and the dead. May we find true freedom in Jesus.

MESSAGE: Pastor Michael Hayes