Youth Sabbath

Changing the game is hard work. Jesus knew it, and I bet you do too. Even so, Jesus thought it was worth the effort. Through parables and relationships, Jesus changed paradigm after paradigm to help us see Him and His kingdom more clearly.

As we continue talking about radically game changing stories, it is my hope that we all analyze ourselves to see how God’s eternally relevant stories can make our lives better today. This Sabbath is youth Sabbath, so expect to see a vibrant group of young people lead the worship service. You’ll also hear an enriching mission report from the group that went to Cuba just a few weeks ago.

It is my prayer that whatever you’re facing in life this week that you find Jesus in a more vibrant and real way today. God is in the business of bringing good things out of bad situations. And let me tell you, the Game Changer is excellent at what He does.

p.s. Veggieburgers for days for this Sabbath’s potluck! Even if I’m mid-bite, please come on over and say hi. I’d love to talk to you. ?

With love and excitement,
Pastor Jonny