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Dear Church Family, Join us as we go to the book of James chapter two, where it will talk to us about favoritism. What is favoritism, it’s when we prefer someone over another. The sad part is that we find favoritism even in the church of James. Come and listen to how we can learn practical steps
Hi Church Family, There’s no way around it. Every single place we look, there’s brokenness. Broken faith, broken promises, broken people. Maybe we’re tired of seeing them, or maybe we are them. This Sabbath, we hope to intentionally highlight the fact that our brokenness doesn’t have any bearing on
Dear Church Family, God, through the power of His Spirit has called all of us to ministry. Not only are we invited to be sons and daughters of God, but we all have a responsibility to help each other walk this walk of faith. This is a selfless work that every Christian is called to. And like