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Dear Church Family, Ever since the beginning of the year we have been focusing on the presence, power, and the purpose of the Holy Spirit. God has been good to us! This weekend I would like to point out something very special about the third person of the Godhead concerning His work in our lives. While the Spirit has many jobs to do on our behalf, I
Dear Church Family, There is a lot of confusion in Christian circles today about the Holy Spirit. It is real, or is it an impersonal force or influence? it is a force that makes you laugh and dance around like a strange person? Just who or what is the Holy Spirit? What is its purpose
Dear Church Family, Have you ever had a true desire to experience something incredibly significant in your life? Something that you were just itching to do or take part in that seemed like it was taking forever to happen? Have you ever longed to do something special with friends or family that you thought maybe