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Dear Church Family, Jesus, the famous storyteller tells us of a parable of two worshipers who come to the temple to pray. From a distance each character prays but what is the difference in each of their prayers? Come and listen to find out how that’s timeless principles can help us in our prayer life. SPEAKER: Pastor Carlos
Dear Church Family, Is a natural disaster an act of God? When famines come or pandemics arrive is it by chance or is there some design behind it? And is that design perhaps of Divine origin? Well, the book of Joel answers this question in clear distinct tones and he doesn’t hold anything back. But
Dear Church Family, Ever since the beginning of the year we have been focusing on the presence, power, and the purpose of the Holy Spirit. God has been good to us! This weekend I would like to point out something very special about the third person of the Godhead concerning His work in our lives. While the Spirit has many jobs to do on our behalf, I