Dear Church Family,

Something’s in the air, and I am not just thinking of viruses. As Pastor Byron talked about last Sabbath, we realize that we are living in the very last chapter of this Earth’s history. This is exciting, but also very sobering. Many people have questions and fears for the future. “Are we going to make it throughout this?” and “Am I prepared for what is coming?” are just a couple of such questions. Some people have already responded to the apparent oncoming crisis by stockpiling food and toiletries. We call them “preppers” in that they are preparing, or “prepping”, for an oncoming devastating emergency situation.

So should Adventists get involved in prepping? To be clear, I will not be discussing the moral right or wrong on “prepping” this Sabbath. But I will encourage you to engage in activities that will ensure yours as well as others survival through the final crisis. Tune in to our live stream this Sabbath and find out how you can be prepared for the end of this world.

Welcome to Richardson!
Pastor Sven