This week I’d like to just open my heart to you a little bit about the current events in our wonderful nation. For years now, the political divide between the people of this country has been growing, which was cause for concern in and of itself.

Then this year barely got started and we were hit with the coronavirus pandemic. While that was unfolding, we experienced several unwarranted killings of Black people by law enforcement, which came to a head with the death of George Floyd and the ongoing protests seeking to correct those injustices. To complicate things, it seems there are also anarchist groups taking advantage other people’s oppression to advance their own lawless agenda.

Adventist Education

If you’re anything like me, you probably find yourself wondering—particularly after a rough couple of days—why this transformation is taking so long, and even if it’s really happening at all. Maybe you wonder if you’re trying hard enough, thinking that all that you need is a little more effort—pray a little more, wake up a little earlier, read a little more Scripture.

At the Richardson Seventh-day Adventist church deacons play an active role in assisting the pastors and elders in the caring for the congregation. Deacons are ordained to the position in the church.