Dear Church Family and Friends,

Ezekiel 37 tells the story of God’s Spirit taking the prophet to a valley with bones in it.  As he stands in the valley, Ezekiel sees there are many, many bones, and he also sees they are very, very dry.  Then God asks him a question:  “Can these bones live?”  Ezekiel’s answer to God is, “O Lord, You know.”

That vision is really a story about us, the church.  Walk with me into the valley with all the bones and parts of the church we have tried to rattle and bring to life.  We’re familiar with these bones.  We have walked among them and stepped over them for years.  We have tied them together with our programs, and we have shaken them with all our administrative and promotional might.  Yes, we know these bones well.

But something is missing.  God told Ezekiel to prophesy over the bones so that muscles and flesh would come upon them and breath would enter them and they would come alive.  You see, something needed to change with those bones, and something needs to change with the church.  Ezekiel did prophesy, and God did turn that valley of dry bones into a mighty army.

God can do the same with us.  But before the church can change, you and I must change.  Simply changing materials, programs, and activities is not enough.  We must change how we perceive the church.  What makes a healthy church?  Having the sanctuary full on Sabbath?  Or is there something more?  How we do church is directly related to how we think church.  As we embark on our journey toward launching cell groups, let us keep that in mind.

Welcome to Richardson!  Heaven’s best to you,
Pastor Byron

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