A principle I have learned through the years is “you always end up paying for it.” In my fervor to find the most financially sound option I have often found myself being led astray by tantalizing offers that just “can’t be beat.” The adage holds true often that “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Gone are the days where promoters and business owners are honest and upfront. People jump to what they think is the best deal, and so businesses put on a facade of financial frugality when in reality they are no better than their competition. This kind of cynicism has led me and many others to be leery of good offers. When people offer free or inexpensive goods or services, we tend to ask “why – what’s in it for you?” 

So when we offer FREE Bible studies and seminars people are leery – thinking that we are just after their money. Well, here is where God has an idea, or principle if you will, that is CRAZY.

Come this Sabbath and learn of God’s crazy stewardship principle. See you then.